Atlantis Alien Empire Yvette Dawson



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Atlantis Alien Empire  by  Yvette Dawson

Atlantis Alien Empire by Yvette Dawson
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Atlantis 12,000 BC The infection has begun. The utopian world is crumbling before their very eyes. Plunged into chaos, it’s every man, woman and child for themselves. God cannot save them… No-one can.May 2012 Summoned by a mysterious fax, Devon Carter finds himself a pawn in a game of deception. Although estranged from his family, he risks his life by flying over the Atlantic Ocean in a rust bucket of a plane to be near to his sister, only to find out… All is not as it seems…Geneticist Scott Larkton wants alien DNA.

He wants it so bad he’s prepared to sell his soul for it. But it all hinges on one person: Devon Carter. Devon is the key to unlocking the secrets of an underwater pyramid found several miles off Bimini. One way or another Larkton will get Devon to co-operate, but at what cost?Larkton will stop at nothing to reinvent history. But is there enough time for Devon to stop a cataclysmic event of biblical proportions from ever taking place, wiping out civilisation as we know it?The truth to Atlantis is about to be revealed…

Enter the sum

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