Cone Penetration Testing In Geotechnical Practice Tom Lunne

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Cone Penetration Testing In Geotechnical Practice  by  Tom Lunne

Cone Penetration Testing In Geotechnical Practice by Tom Lunne
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The static cone penetrometer (CPT) and the piezocone (CPTU) represents the most versatile tools currently available for in-situ soil exploration. Over the last 30 years there has been significant growth and development in the use of CPT and this is reflected in the impressive growth of the theoretical and experimental knowledge on the cone penetrometer and piezocone as well as in the several applications of the test to highly specialised measurements, e.g. seismic, environmental and electrical resistivity measurements. The purpose of this book is to provide guidance on the specification, performance, use and interpretation of the Electric Cone Penetration Test (CPU), and in particular the Cone Penetration Test with pore pressure measurement (CPTU) commonly referred to as the piezocone test.

Recommendation guidelines interpret a full range of geotechnical parameters from cone penetration data and relevant examples and case histories are given throughout the text.

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